Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Ruby Blue

were an English folk rock/pop band of the late 1980s and early 1990s. The original members of the band were Edinburgh friends Rebecca Pidgeon and Roger Fife. By their 1990 album Down From Above, the band included Erika Spotswood (later shortened to Erika Woods) and Anthony Coote.

In autumn 1986, Fife and Pidgeon sent a demo tape to Red Flame Records—a small London-based indie record company owned by Dave Kitson. At that time, the duo called themselves R'n'R. Kitson agreed to fund an album, which became Glances Askances. After this first album, Ruby Blue released three new singles on the Red Flame label: Because, Bloomsbury Blue, and Stand Together.

Coote was recruited to the band via an advertisement placed in Melody Maker magazine. Woods, a friend of Pidgeon's from their time at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, was added to sing harmony vocals.

Between their first two albums the band released a flexidisc, Easy, on the Fatea label, in conjunction with Fatea magazine, as a thank you for the support the magazine provided during their early career.

The first album and early singles gained play on the UK indie charts, leading to Ruby Blue signing a deal with Fontana Records and the August 1990 release of Down from Above, their best-known album.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Ruby Blue (album)

Ruby Blue is the debut solo album of Irish singer Róisín Murphy, released by Echo Records on 13 June 2005 (see 2005 in music). After she and Mark Brydon dissolved their electronic duo Moloko, Murphy began working with producer and musician Matthew Herbert, known for his musique concrète approach to music. The songs were first released through three extended plays and were then compiled into a studio album.

The album often samples sounds made by everyday objects and actions, including cosmetics, brass mice, dancing and ornaments. It mixes the electronic music for which Moloko was known with jazz and pop styles. The album received positive reviews from music critics.

Ruby Blue was commercially unsuccessful upon its June 2005 European release, charting at No. 88 in the United Kingdom, and fared poorly when released in the United States the next year. It produced two singles, "If We're in Love" and "Sow into You". Songs from the album were used in the television series Grey's Anatomy and So You Think You Can Dance. "Ramalama (Bang Bang)" features in a 2009 advert featuring Anne Hathaway for Lancome.

Tuesday, 13 March 2007


It seems to be more than spring time here - it's been in the upper 70s for the last couple days! I really like the first few really warm days - then it goes down hill and I hate the rest of the hot days.

Anyway, I made this little guy the other night. He's made from a felt sweater that I thrifted and the fabric is some that my mother-in-law gave me years ago. I think he's super cute, although the more I look at his orange eye, the more it disturbs me.

Never mind that mess behind him, that's my crafting/art area - it's not very big and tends to clutter up really easily and quickly!

I'll be vending at another craft fair soon - It's the Nolensville Women's Show on March 31. Should be fun. I'll be sharing a booth with Blonde and maybe her mom - those two are going crazy making purses out of neckties (her parents' house is like a tiepurse sweatshop). Anyway, if you're in the area you should come out and see us.